E.V. Roberts is a leading authorized distributor for Alodine® – the advanced line of conversion, anodizing and functional coatings suitable for use on Aluminum, Magnesium and other non-ferrous alloys.

Alodine coatings provide improved corrosion protection and paint adhesion on light metals and their alloys – including hexavalent and trivalent chrome products, non chrome and anodizing technologies. Alodine provides the right mix of advanced chemistry and technology to keep assembly and MRO processes running smoothly - meeting challenges at every step.

E.V. Roberts provides Alodine technologies for virtually all types of metal processes - from aircraft to ground vehicles to electrical devices, we have Alodine products you need for your application.

For more information on applications and Alodine products, please refer to the links below, contact us directly, request a quote or review the Technical Data Sheets available in our Product Lookup section.

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Alodine® is a registered trademark of Henkel, Inc.