E.V. Roberts is an authorized distributor for Coastal Enterprises® – a leader in providing advanced Precision Board Plus® tooling board and related products for wet lay up and prototype tooling, applications.

Precision Board Plus is excellent for machining prototypes, models, composite layup and vacuum form tools. Its advanced formulation offers considerable performance advantages over conventional tooling board.

Non-toxic and formulated with eco-friendly components
• Non-abrasive to minimize tooling wear and produces less dust
• Does not affect prepregs by outgassing
• Better flammability and toxicology ratings than traditional tooling board
• Available in eleven densities with formulations for low- and high-temperature applications
• Wide variety of sheet size and custom bonding to fit any size requirement

For more information on Precision Board Plus and other Coastal Enterprises products, please refer to the links below or review the Technical Data Sheets available in our Product Lookup section. Please contact us directly with questions or for tooling board samples.

Product Resources:
Precision Board Plus Product Sheet

Coastal Enterprises Website

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