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Henkel is the largest global provider of performance adhesives, sealants and surface treatments to a variety of manufacturing processes and industries.
Hysol is the unsurpassed leader for structural adhesives in paste, film and syntactic forms used in composite and metal fabrication applications. Hysol's comprehensive line of material solutions addresses applications across aerospace, automotive and other industries.
As the originator of advanced semi-permanent and non-transferring release agents for solvent and water-borne molding systems, Frekote is used across a variety of composite and rubber molding processes.
Loctite is the globally-recognized leader in specialty adhesives, sealants and gasket technologies for industrial and transportation applications.
Alodine is the industry-leading provider of conversion coatings for light metal applications, including non-chrome formulations.
Turco offers a premiere portfolio of surface treatment products, including: cleaners, deoxidizers, etchants and temporary protective coatings.
With more than 50 years of industry expertise, Emerson & Cuming provides a variety of innovative adhesives, conformal coatings, encapsulants, and underfill to electronics and aerospace manufacturers.
3M Aerospace
A recognized leader in providing adhesives, composites, fiberglass resins, fillers, tapes, as well as painting preparation and surface treatments for aerospace manufacturers and MROs.
3M Electronics
Supplier of innovative materials to the electronics manufacturing industry, including: abrasives, adhesives, engineered chemicals, tapes and more.
3M Industrial
Provides abrasives, adhesives, composite materials, tapes and more for industrial applications.
Momentive provides specialty RTV silicones, sealants, encapsulants and adhesives for fabrication, potting and coating applications in the aerospace, electronics and other industries.
Bostik is a global leader in providing advanced material technologies for aerospace and marine applications as well as the general transportation industry. Their wide variety of sealants, adhesives and maintenance products are designed to address multiple bonding and sealing challenges.
RPM Technology provides innovative solvent and cleaning technologies to aerospace maintenance and overhaul professionals. Their advanced cleaning and solvent chemistries help solve your most difficult sealant removal and cleaning problems.
Resodyn™ Acoustic Mixers offer technically-advanced mixing equipment for applications that require a low-temperature and low-shear blending process. These revolutionary mixers use acoustic technology instead of traditional impeller designs – providing excellent mass transfer rates and blending results for complex and difficult mixtures. Resodyn Mixers are frequently used in rocket propellant, pharmaceutical, nanotechnology and other high-value coating and mixing applications.
DuPont Vertrel is an advanced specialty solvent for precision cleaning and degreasing in aerospace, electronics, medical device, optics and other applications.
Coastal Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of high and low temperature tooling boards in a variety of densities for aerospace, marine and specialty industrial lay up tooling and prototyping applications. Their custom bonding capabilities can create almost any size sheet or block for machining. Coastal’s Precision Board Plus products are also comprised of eco-friendly components – including “green urethane” formulations.
Resin Formulators custom formulates and manufactures adhesives, encapsulants, sealants, syntactics and other performance materials to meet specific application, viscosity, color and handling requirements.
Adhesive Technologies (Ad-Tech) provides over 29 years of experience in specialty hot melt adhesive technologies. Their industrial solutions combine leading adhesive technologies with highly-engineered dispensing systems for aerospace, automotive, composite, packaging, electronics and other specialty applications.