E.V. Roberts is an authorized distributor for Loctite® – the preferred choice of high-performance adhesives and sealants for design, assembly, manufacturing and maintenance.

Loctite provides proven solutions to most of manufacturing’s biggest challenges including: bonding, sealing, thread locking, encapsulating, lubricating, gasketing, coating and a variety of other applications. For over 50 years, industry leaders depended on Loctite products to help reduce assembly cost, improve product quality and longevity as well as increase the reliability of their processes.

For more information on applications and Loctite products, please refer to the links below, review the Technical Data Sheets available in our Product Lookup section or simply contact us.

Product Resources

Loctite Interactive Catalogs & Sourcebooks:
Loctite Industrial Adhesive Sourcebook
Loctite Adhesive Sourcebook
Loctite Electronics Assembly Solutions
Loctite Semiconductor Solutions
Loctite Automotive Solutions

Loctite Design Guides:
Loctite Guide for Bonding Plastics
Loctite Guide for Bonding Metals
Loctite Guide for Bonding Rubber & Thermoplastic Elastomers

Loctite Videos

Loctite Webpage

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