E.V. Roberts is an authorized chemical distributor for marquee suppliers like 3M, Henkel, Momentive and Resin Formulators with the capability and resources to source additional suppliers to meet your needs. We provide an expansive portfolio of products addressing a variety of aerospace and specialty manufacturing applications, and our knowledgeable experts can help you identify the right solution for your advanced engineering needs.

But at E.V. Roberts, chemical distribution is about more than logistics. To ensure the success of our customers, we provide much more—comprehensively supporting your operations:

• Customer Facility Audits to improve Application Efficiency and Quality
• In-House Testing and Custom Certifications
• Proprietary Access to External Testing Services and Laboratories
• Customer-Owned Inventory Storage
• Credit Card Payment Processing
• Thorough Documentation Capability
• Access to Manufacturer, Customer, and Government Specifications

Our custom formulation, specialized packaging & dispensing, and inventory management systems, enable E.V. Roberts to be the single source that fully supports all of your operations and processes.

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