We are a leading full-service provider of engineered materials, specializing in the distribution, manufacturing, packaging, and dispensing of adhesives, sealants, surface treatments, and more. Our team of experts builds off of a rich 80 year heritage in aerospace to fulfill the needs of thousands of customers across other high quality advanced manufacturing industries and in over 65 countries around the world.

E.V. Roberts has supplied advanced engineering materials to the $250+ billion global aerospace industry for 80 years. Whether it is a specified material for tooling and release, metal process and fabrication, structural or composites assembly, we can deliver the depth and breadth of solutions and support you require.


The $60 billion global commercial MRO sector of aerospace is a highly technology driven market with both in-house and increasingly outsourced service delivery. By 2022, the global commercial aircraft MRO market is expected to grow to $84.7 billion, or roughly 4% annually. For 80 years, E.V. Roberts has supplied advanced material solutions to this segment of the market. We understand that speed and efficiency are the keys to successful maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations.


The two trillion global auto parts and accessories manufacturing market, as well as the $318 billion automotive aftermarket, require specialty chemical solutions for composite development, environmental protection, and more. Whether the need is for adhesion, encapsulation, filament winding, or potting, our Resin Formulators line of epoxy resins, silicones, and urethanes can solve your automotive manufacturing needs.

By 2019, the composite materials industry is expected to reach $ 29.9 billion while end products made with composite materials market value is expected to reach $85 billion. The market itself spans a number of verticals, all designed with efficiency – lighter and faster – in mind. Our world-class line-up of epoxy resins and other specialty chemicals for composites manufacturing are in-stock and available.

The recreational marine market in the United States is relatively mature, and estimated at $36 billion according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Specialty chemicals are required for the adhesion, sealing, and surface protection of boats, and our Resin Formulators brand of epoxy resins have answered that need in the marine industry for decades.

The medical device manufacturing market is a $40 billion industry on a global scale, with an annual growth rate of 3.5%. With the aging baby boomer population expected to peak by 2020, the market is headed for explosive growth. Our portfolio of specialty chemicals used in the manufacturing of medical devices is high quality, readily available, and competitively priced.

The construction equipment market – just one facet of the overall construction market — is a $39.4 billion industry in North America alone. Specialty chemicals in construction and construction equipment are used to improve workability, enhance performance, add functionality or protect the construction material or the finished structure made out of it. E.V. Roberts is a full-service supplier of adhesive, sealants, and protective coatings for all of your construction and equipment manufacturing needs.

With an extensive product portfolio from leading manufacturers and a team of custom formulators who will develop and deliver exactly what you need, when you need it, we remain nimble to stay on the leading edge of materials applications across a variety of electronics industry segments. From in-stock chemical solutions manufactured by 3M, Henkel, and Momentive, to RF 2869, Resin Formulators’ silver-filled epoxy adhesive, and everything in between, we offer innovative off-the-shelf and specialty solutions that optimize your design flexibility by providing the performance characteristics you demand.

Solar electric energy demand has grown by an average 30% per year for the last twenty years, despite efficiencies in technology which contribute to declining costs and prices on a global scale. We offer a wide range of silicone and epoxy resin-based products for solar module assembly to support the $97 billion global photovoltaic solar industry. In-stock products include Momentive and Resin Formulators’ brands of fast-cure adhesives, frame sealants, potting, optically clear encapsulants and thermally conductive materials. We are proud to supply Momentive’s SP100 grade, a one-component silicone that’s excellent for the frame sealing of polycrystalline modules.

As a $48 billion market, the sporting goods industry is projected to grow as sports participation continues to propel demand for athletic apparel, equipment and footwear. Whether you are a manufacturer of hockey sticks, golf clubs, or another type of sporting equipment, Resin Formulators line of epoxy resins has been solving your manufacturing challenges for years.

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