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Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is a global leader in RTV Silicone and Advanced materials for aerospace, electronics and renewables and other industrial consumer applications. Recognized for their 75- year history and performance, Momentive is known for being first to market with performance applications for major industries that support and improve everyday life. The Company delivers science-based solutions by linking custom technology platforms to opportunities for customers.

Since inventing the process to manufacture silicones, Momentive is one of the largest specialty silicone suppliers in the world. It operates state-of-the-art research centers, application development laboratories and manufacturing facilities across the globe including California, New York, China, Germany, Japan and Korea.


From Launchpad to Landing: Next Generation Materials for Mars and Beyond

Today’s aerospace companies have set their sights on traveling further than ever before. To achieve that goal, they are developing spacecraft with record speed. The volume of components being produced has increased to match. Reusability of components is more important than ever. Companies are reinventing their approach to manufacturing to emphasize speed and efficiency. With a myriad of new materials, as well as tried and true options available, manufacturers have a lot to evaluate to find the right match for new applications and processes.

Join Clarissa Miller, Momentive’s Global Program Manager for Aerospace Silicones as she compares and contrasts different materials and applications for extreme temperature fluctuations. Matthew Lindberg, an experienced Aerospace and Defense Technical Account Manager will discuss how delivery systems and assembly methods can save resources and time.

Topics covered will include:

  • Overview of silicones, epoxies and polyurethanes used for thermal protection in space
  • Meeting ASTM E595 low outgassing requirements for adhesives in crew capsules and satellites
  • Review of adhesive and sealant products and their application for the extreme temperature fluctuations encountered in reusable launch vehicles
  • Leveraging new delivery systems to save manufacturing resources and time

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Reach New Heights with High-Performance Silicones

Momentive Silicone Adhesives and Sealants offer excellent temperature performance, dielectric properties and weatherability. Download the High Performance Silicone Adhesives & Sealants guide to learn more.

Key Features Include:

  • Primerless adhesion to many substrates
  • Fast cure
  • Long term elasticity
  • Non-corrosive
  • One-component available
  • Choice of cure systems

Typical Benefits:

  • Broad application
  • Productivity, high outputs
  • Compensate CTE mismatch
  • Reduced risk for electronics
  • Ease of use
  • Design flexibility


SilTRUST* Silicone Products for Solar Applications


EV Roberts and Momentive joined forces to highlight SilTRUST silicone adhesives, sealants, potting materials and encapsulants designed for the PV industry. E.V. Roberts is the only North American Authorized Distributor and we offer in-stock products, faster lead times, and competitive prices.  Material Solutions for the Solar Industry Guide

Leveraging it’s successful development of silicone products for spacecraft and satellite solar arrays, Momentive has created the SilTRUST family of silicone products for terrestrial solar applications. This full line of encapsulants, adhesives, sealants and potting materials is engineered to endure the harsh environments in which solar panels operate, while generally improving the light-to-electricity conversion yield. These properties, plus greater general stress resistance, weatherability, corrosion protection, a longer life span and higher efficiency for crystalline silicone photovoltaic (PV) modules may potentially lead to a better return on investment and lower production costs for solar energy products.

SilTRUST encapsulants can be used to surround the fragile solar cells of the PV module with a very flexible, stress-dissipating silicone matrix that adheres well, yet does not pass on the level of mechanical stress the cells are subjected to in harsh environmental conditions. Likewise, SilTRUST adhesives, sealants and potting materials typically offer protection to sensitive components and durable adherence generally without primers to a variety of materials used in the PV industry, including aluminum frames, back sheets and glass.

In the PV manufacturing process, SilTRUST products may be incorporated at much lower temperatures than other products, thus potentially avoiding stress arising from differences in thermal expansion coefficients of a module’s components. Curing speed is also typically faster than many other materials, resulting in an opportunity to shorten manufacturing cycles.

Because silicones do not absorb ultraviolet light, once the solar array is installed more sunlight reaches the surface of the solar cell, where it becomes available for conversion to electricity. The refractive index of SilTRUST encapsulant closely matches that of glass, generally reducing the energy-dissipating reflection of sunlight away from the solar cell.

SilTRUST products generally offer stability under extreme humidity, temperature and ultraviolet-radiation conditions over the life of a PV array installation.

*SilTRUST is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

Materials to Take you Farther

Since man first took flight, new possibilities have created a need for new technologies.
And for over 75 years, Momentive has been there to provide them. In the silicone boots of the first astronaut to walk on the moon. On every manned space flight since. In lighter, more fuel-efficient airplanes. And in applications throughout the transportation industry. Find more about Momentive’s unique solutions for Aviation and Aerospace.  Aviation & Aerospace Guide


Smart phones. Smart TVs. Smart watches. They all require smart solutions to protect them. Momentive has these solutions. From potting and encapsulation products to adhesives and packaging, we’ve been leading the way in providing long-term, reliable protection for sensitive electronic components for decades. And as systems continue to get smaller and circuit densities become greater, our deep industry knowledge and extensive experience help ensure that we’re ready to protect whatever comes next.  Assembly and Device Guide


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