RF 2969 (Mod 7) Pre-Mixed and Frozen
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RF 2969 (Mod 7) Pre-Mixed and Frozen

EVR Part number: 45403
Manufacturer Part Number:
RF 2969 Mod 7 is a thixotropic, high strength epoxy adhesive with good physical strength and high electrical conductivity. Mod 7 has a higher viscosity and a shorter thin film set time than mod 4. This material is designed where hot solder applications are impractical or on parts which cannot be subjected to heat. RF-2969 Mod 7 is also effective as a shielding material.

Type: Adhesive | Form: Pre-Mixed and Frozen

$ 36.00 / 3 cc Syringe

Min/Max Order: 100 / 99999. Quantities must be ordered in increments of 1.

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